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Multitab Function; Select And Start A Washing Programme - Electrolux ESI 67050 User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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Multitab function

This appliance is equipped with the multitab
function, that allows the use of the multitab
combi detergent tablets.
These products are detergents with a com-
bined cleaning, rinsing and salt functions.
They can also contain other different agents
depending on which kind of tablets you
choose ("3 in 1", "4 in 1", "5 in 1" etc.).
Check whether these detergents are suitable
for your water hardness. See the manufac-
turers instructions.
Once this function is selected it will remain
active for all following wash programmes.
With the selection of this function the inflow
of rinse aid and salt from each respective
supply container is automatically deactivated
and also the indicator lights for salt and rinse
aid are deactivated.
When using the multitab function, the cycle
duration may change.
Activate/deactivate the multitab function
before the start of a washing pro-
Once the programme is running, the
multitab function can NO longer be
changed. If you want to cancel the mul-
titab function you have to cancel the pro-
gramme setting and then deactivate the
'multitab function'. In this case you have
to set a washing programme (and de-
sired options) again.
Activation/deactivation of the Multitab
To activate the Multitab function, press the
Multitab button. Corresponding indicator
light comes on.
To deactivate the function press the Multitab
button again. Corresponding indicator light
goes off.
If the drying results are not satisfac-
tory we suggest that you:
1. Fill up the rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.

Select and start a washing programme

Important! Set the options before the start
of a washing programme. When a washing
programme operates, no options can be set.
If it is necessary to set an option, cancel the
washing programme.
2. Activate the rinse aid dispenser.
3. Set the rinse aid dosage to position
• The activation/deactivation of the
rinse aid is only possible with the Mul-
titab function active.
Activation/deactivation of the rinse aid
1. Switch on the appliance. It must be in
setting mode.
2. Press and hold, at the same time, the
function buttons B and C. The pro-
gramme indicator lights above function
buttons A, B and C start flashing
3. Press function button B, the programme
indicator lights above function buttons A
and C go off. The programme indicator
light above function button B continues
to flash. The digital display shows the cur-
rent setting.
Rinse aid dispenser deactivated
Rinse aid dispenser activated
4. To change the setting, press button B
again. The digital display shows the new
5. To memorize the operation, switch off the
If you decide to revert back to the
use of individual detergents we ad-
vise that you:
1. Deactivate the Multitab function.
2. Fill up the salt container and the rinse
aid dispenser again.
3. Adjust the water hardness setting to
the highest setting and perform 1
normal washing programme without
loading any dishes.
4. Adjust the water hardness setting
according to the hardness of the wa-
ter in your area.
5. Adjust the rinse aid dosage.
Select the washing programme and
delay start with the door slightly
opened. The start of the programme
or the countdown of the delay start
will occur only after the closure of
electrolux 15



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