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Load Cutlery And Dishes - Electrolux ESI 67050 User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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10 electrolux
• Plastic items and pans with non stick coat-
ings have a tendency to retain water
drops; these items will not dry as well as
porcelain and steel items.
For washing in the dishwasher the following cutlery and dishes
are not suitable:
• Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or mother-of-
pearls handles.
• Plastic items that are not heat resistant.
• Older cutlery with glued parts that are not tem-
perature resistant.
• Bonded cutlery items or dishes.
• Pewter or copper items.
• Lead crystal glass.
• Steel items prone to rusting.
• Wooden platters.
• Items made from synthetics fibres.

Load cutlery and dishes

The lower basket
The lower basket is designed to take sauce-
pan, lids, plates, salad bowls, cutlery etc.
Service dishes and large lids should be ar-
ranged around the edge of the basket, en-
suring that the spray arms can turn freely.
The rows of prongs in the lower basket can
lie flat to allow you to load pots, pans and
• Light items (plastic bowls etc.) must be
loaded in the upper basket and arranged
so they do not move.
are of limited suitability:
• Only wash stoneware in the dishwasher if it is
specially marked as being dishwasher-safe by
the manufacturer.
• Glazed patterns may fade if machine washed
• Silver and aluminium parts have a tendency to
discolour during washing: Residues, e.g. egg
white, egg yolk and mustard often cause dis-
colouring and staining on silver. Therefore al-
ways clean left-overs from silver immediately, if
it is not to be washed straight after use.
The cutlery basket
Long bladed knives stored in an upright
position are a potential hazard. Long
and/or sharp items of cutlery such as
carving knives must be positioned
horizontally in the upper basket. Take
care when loading or unloading sharp
items such as knives.
Forks and spoons should be placed in the
removable cutlery basket with the handles
facing downwards and the knives with their
handles facing upwards.


Table of Contents

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