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Canon GL-2 User Manual page 2

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Rec Review ->: When camera is in record pause mode, press and release -> button to play back the last few seconds, and
return to record pause mode.
The tally light (to indicate recording) and remote control sensor are located at the front-center of the camera mic.
Battery: Push the battery in, then down to lock, with the Arrow pointed Down.
Batt Release: Releases the battery.
Output Hatch Ports
: Blue 0I – Lanc terminal for remote controllers
: 5-pin port - USB terminal for downloading still photos to a computer
: DV In/Out- firewire port for sending video to PC, or other DV devices.
: Yellow AV – Composite signal to RCA audio/video devices. Use cable in kit.
: S-video – for taking an svhs signal output. Still need the Yellow AV for audio.
About the Menu
In the back of the camera, push the SELECT Wheel IN to call up your shooting conditions: Auto, TV (manual shutter speed),
AV (manual aperture), Manual (manual shutter speed, aperture, and gain), Sand&Snow (when a bright background
underexposes the subject), Spotlight (to reduce glare from spotlight recordings).
*MENU calls up all the internal working functions, and should stay as is.
*Zebra levels are set to 90%.
Clear Scan:
1 Set camera to TV mode. 2 Press down the EXP button (by focus ring) until CS appears in VF. 3 Go into MENU – Cam. Set
Up (push in select wheel) 4 Scroll down on select wheel until Clear Scan option appears – push in 5 Scroll select wheel until
the HZ rate causes the lines on your computer screen to disappear.
Audio L/R: Controls the volume for each channel. Levels shown in VF or LCD.
Audio Rec Level: A (automatic) or M (manual). On A, it overrides the L/R controls
[]..P: Program Selector
[] : Easy Recording - fully automatic, Auto focus, exposure, and all adjustments
P: Choose various record options.
AUTO: Easy record, but you can use any manual functions
Other options as listed
Focus A/M: Select Auto or Manual focus. If Manual, use the focus ring to adjust
ND Filter: "Sunglasses" for your camera; advisable when shooting in bright conditions. An ND is seen in the VF when on.
When the standby lever is put to lock, ND filter retains your selection. When camera is powered off, ND defaults to off.
LCD Viewfinder: pops out and rotates.
Display/Data Code: Inside the LCD VF compartment on the camera. Toggle to turn off the VF display of data.
D. Effects/Bars
Select – Press Select to pull up menu for Fader/Effect/Color Bars. Then use the Menu wheel on the back of the camera.
Up/Down on wheel chooses type. Push wheel in to get options within each, then the wheel up and down to selection the
specific type. Push wheel in to confirm. Then push On/Off to activate.
EXP: Exposure dial. In Auto mode, this only effects the iris.
In Manual Mode (flip []...P to P) you can use Exp to adjust, shutter, iris and gain. VF shows results.
White balance. Is auto, unless in P mode.
Manual iris: push <*> to toggle between <*> (auto) light bulb (indoor) or sun (outdoor). Aim camera at white object,
push the <*> button.
If your camera is on but you see no picture, Check the standby/lock control.


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