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Getting Started; Getting The Best Results - Electrolux Clario Instruction Book

Electrolux vacuum cleaner
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Before you start, please refer to electrical safety supply
instructions on page 63 (U.K. and Ireland only).
Electrolux supply a range of cleaners with different accessories,
all of which are covered in this manual. Please refer to your
specific model and it's accessories, which are shown on the
outer box label.
Please keep both cover flaps open and cross reference pictures
with text where necessary.
Tools for your Clario (all models)
Dust bags (s-bag™)
Swivel hose and handle with manual suction control
Combination carpet/hard floor nozzle
Narrow crevice nozzle
Tools for your Clario (some models)
Extension tubes (x2)
Telescopic tube
Turbo nozzle
Power nozzle
Ultra low nozzle
Parquet hard floor nozzle
Combination nozzle/brush
Upholstery nozzle
Dusting brush
Tool holder
Ensuring your safety
The Electrolux Clario is for domestic use only and has been designed
to ensure maximum safety and performance. Please follow these
simple precautions:
The Clario is double-insulated so it must not be earthed.
The Clario is only to be used by adults
Always store in a dry place
Do not use to pick up liquids
Avoid sharp objects
Do not pick up hot cinders or lighted cigarette ends
Do not use near flammable gases
Avoid tugging on the mains cable and check cable regularly
for damage
Note: Do not use your cleaner with a damaged cable. If
damaged the cable should be replaced at an Electrolux
Service Centre
The Plug must be removed from the socket-outlet before
cleaning or maintaining the appliance
All service and repairs must be carried out by authorised
Electrolux service staff

Getting Started

Check the s-bag™ is in place.
Insert the hose until the catch clicks to engage.
(Press catch inwards to release).
Attach extension tubes or telescopic tube to the hose handle
and floor nozzle by pushing and twisting together (Twist and
pull apart to dismantle).
Extend the cable and connect to mains. The cleaner is fitted
with cable rewind. Press foot pedal to rewind (please hold the
plug to prevent it striking you).
Press the On/Off foot pedal to activate the cleaner.
To reduce suction, gradually open the aperture on the hose
handle. Slide the electronic suction control between min and
max (some models).
Your Clario features
Mains cable
Cable rewind pedal
Power outlet (for the use of power driven tools) (some
Electronic suction control (some models)
Mechanical s-bag™ indicator
Hose connection
s-bag™ security device – prevents lid closing without a
s-bag™ in place
Carrying handle
Cover release catch for s-bag™ compartment
On/off switch
Storage slot for floor nozzle and extension tubes when in use
Storage slot for floor nozzle and extension tubes when
not in use

Getting the best results

Carpets: Use the floor nozzle with the lever in this position.
Hard floors: Use the floor nozzle with the lever in this position.
Wooden floors: Use parquet nozzle to avoid scratching (some
Low furniture: Use ultra low nozzle for better clearance (some
Loose rugs/curtains/lightweight fabrics: Reduce the
suction power. Use the floor nozzle for loose rugs and the
upholstery nozzle for curtains, cushions etc.
Lamps, pictures and bookshelves: Use the dusting brush.
Confined areas: Use the crevice nozzle for crevices, corners
and radiators.

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