Operating Instructions; Child Safety - Electrolux EHD68100I User Manual

Ceramic glass induction hob
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6 electrolux
Residual heat indicator
Risk of burns from residual

Operating instructions

Use the induction cooking zones with
suitable cookware.
On and Off
for 1 second to start or stop the
Automatic Switch Off
The function stops the hob automatically if:
• all cooking zones are off
• you do not set the heat setting after you
start the hob.
Automatic Switch Off times
Heat setting
Stops after
The heat setting
to increase the heat setting. Touch
to decrease the heat setting. The display
shows the heat setting. Touch
the same time to switch off the cooking zone.
Switching the Power function on and off
The Power function makes more power avail-
able to the induction cooking zones. The
Power function is activated for 10 minutes at
most. After that the induction cooking zone
automatically switches back to the highest
heat setting. To switch on, touch
comes on. To switch off, touch
The cooking zone operates
The induction cooking zone does not sense the cookware
There is a malfunction
A cooking zone is still hot (residual heat)
Lock/Child safety device is on
Power function is active
The automatic switch off is active
6 hours
5 hours
The induction cooking zones make the heat
necessary for cooking directly in the bottom
of the cookware. The glass ceramic is slightly
heated by the residual heat of the cookware.
• you cover a sensor field with an object (a
pan, a cloth, etc.) for longer than 10 sec-
onds. The sound operates some time and
the hob stops. Remove the object or clean
the control panel.
• you do not stop a cooking zone or change
the heat setting after some time. See the
comes on.
4 hours
Power management
The power management divides the power
between two cooking zones in a pair (see the
1.5 hours


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents