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Adjusting The Water Softener - Electrolux ESF 2440 Instruction Book

Electrolux dishwasher
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Adjusting the water softener

To prevent limescaling on the dishes and to the interior of the
dishwasher, the dishes must be washed with soft water.
This dishwasher is equipped with a water softener, where tap-
water which is harder than 4 °d (german degree) is softened.
Adjust the water softener according to the table below for the
water hardness level for your area.
1) german degree of measurement for the water
2) millimol, internationel unit for water hardness
*) factory setting
In the following settings the dishwasher must be switched off and all programmes completed.
See chapter "Using the appliance" for information on how to complete the programme.
1. Press the On/Off button.
2. Press the combination buttons simultaneously
and hold them pressed in. When the first three
programme indicator lamps starts to flash, you
can let go of the buttons.
3. Press the water softener button once. The lamp
for the water softener start to flash. The display
shows the hardness setting.
4. The water hardness level is raised by 1 step
every time you press the water softener button.
After hardness level 5 comes hardness level 1.
5. Press the On/Off button when the required water
hardness level is selected. This saves the selection.
If the setting 1 is chosen, the salt indicator lamp
is not lit.
Water hardness level
> 24
18 - 24
12 - 18
4 - 12
below 4
Contact your local Water Authority to find the
exact water hardness level for your area.
The water softener has 5 settings:
3,2 - 4,2
2,1 - 3,2
0,7 - 2,1
below 0,7
- 7 -
Setting on the
water softener
3 *
no salt is needed

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