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Using The Appliance; Starting The Programme; Disrupt The Programme Temporarily; Cancelling The Programme - Electrolux ESF 2440 Instruction Book

Electrolux dishwasher
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Using the appliance

Starting the programme

1. Scrape or rinse off solid food remnants.
2. Load the dishwasher.
(See the basket and loading).
3. Put the correct amount of detergent into the
detergent dispenser and close the lid.
4. Close the door.
5. Press in the On/Off button. All programme
indicator lamps are lit.
6. Press in the required programme button (see pro-
gramme chart). All other programme indicator
lamps goes out. The lamp allways indicates which
part of the selected cycle the dishwasher is in.
7. Check the filters to see if they need to be cleaned
when the dishwasher has finished the programme.

Disrupt the programme temporarily

1. Open the door. The programme stops.
2. The programme indicator lamp is lit.
3. Close the door and the programme continues
after about six seconds.
Open the door carefully when the dishwasher
is running, since hot steam may escape.

Cancelling the programme

1. Press and hold in the combination buttons, the
machine goes to starting position and all pro-
gramme indicator lamps are lit.
2. Release the buttons. The programme is now
cancelled and a new programme can be selected.
If you switch the dishwasher off with the On/Off
button, the selected programme is not finished, it
is only disrupted. When you start the dishwasher
again, the programme will continue.

Pause function

With the paus function the programme can be temporarily
disrupted for a short period of time.
1. Press in the On/Off button. The programme stops.
2. All lamps goes out.
3. When you want the programme to continue again,
you press the On/Off button. The programme
The programme should not be paused for any
longer then necessary, because the water inside
the dishwasher has cooled down and must be
heated again which increases the power

Cancelling the drying phase

In case you do not want to wait until the drying phase is
completed, you can cancel it.
1. Press in the On/Off button.
2. Open the door. The drying phase is cancelled.

Switching the dishwasher off

Switch the dishwasher off, when the indicator lamp
for the programme cycle end is lit or the display shows 0.
1. Press in the On/Off button.
Be careful if you open the door immediately
after the programme is finished, since hot
steam may escape.
This dishwasher is equipped with the new flush
system called "IMPULSE WASHING". This
washing system varies both the revolutions of
the pump and the water pressure for more inten-
sive cleaning of the dishes during a programme.
That is why different sections of the programme
cycle do not sounds the same.

Cleaning the dishwasher

Clean the outside surfaces of the appliance using a mild
(non-abrasive) household cleaning product. Finish by
removing remaining traces of the product with a damp cloth.
Do not use cleaning products which contain
alcohol (spirits), thinners and similar sub-
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