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Electrolux oven
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Knob symbol, indicator or lamp (depends on the model - refer to the appliance
• The indicator comes on when the oven heats up.
• The lamp comes on when the appliance operates.
• The symbol shows whether the knob controls one of the cooking zones, the oven func-
tions or the temperature.

Oven Functions

Oven function
Conventional Cooking

Cooking zones

You can operate the hob with the control knobs for the cooking zones. Refer to the user
manual for hob.
Hob cooking zones
Indicators for the cooking zones (refer to "General overview ") show which zone you set.
Control knob
True Fan Cooking
Pizza Setting
Bottom Heat
Fast Grilling
Turbo Grilling
Keep warm setting
Off position
Use this function to light up the oven interior.
To bake maximum on three oven levels at the same time.
Decrease the oven temperatures (20-40 °C) compared with
Conventional. And to dry food.
To bake on one oven level food with a more intensive
browning and a crispy base. Decrease the oven tempera-
tures (20-40 °C) compared with Conventional
To bake and roast on one oven level.
To bake cakes with crispy or crusty bases and to preserve
To defrost frozen food.
To grill flat food in the middle of the grill and to toast.
To grill flat food in large quantities and to toast.
To roast larger joints of meat or poultry on one level. Also
for browning food e.g. gratin.
Daily use


Table of Contents

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