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Maintenance And Storage - Husqvarna 16530EXLT Operator's Manual

Walk-behind snow throwers


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6. When cleaning, repairing or inspecting the snow thrower,
stop the engine and make certain the collector/impel-
ler and all moving parts have stopped. Disconnect
the spark plug wire and keep the wire away from the
plug to prevent someone from accidentally starting the
7. Do not run the engine indoors, except when starting
the engine and for transporting the snow thrower in or
out of the building. Open the outside doors; exhaust
fumes are dangerous.
8. Exercise extreme caution when operating on slopes.
9. Never operate the snow thrower without proper guards,
and other safety protective devices in place and work-
10. Never direct the discharge toward people or areas
where property damage can occur. Keep children and
others away.
11. Do not overload the machine capacity by attempting
to clear snow at too fast a rate.
12. Never operate the machine at high transport speeds
on slippery surfaces. Look behind and use care when
operating in reverse.
13. Disengage power to the collector/impeller when snow
thrower is transported or not in use.
14. Use only attachments and accessories approved by
the manufacturer of the snow thrower (such as wheel
weights, counterweights, or cabs).
15. Never operate the snow thrower without good visibility
or light. Always be sure of your footing, and keep a firm
hold on the handles. Walk; never run.
16. Never touch a hot engine or muffler.
17. When using your snowthrower for long periods of time
in deep snow, be aware of snow and ice build up be-
tween the track components. This may cause a loss
of performance in the drive system.
Clean out snow and debris between tracks in regular
Clearing a Clogged Discharge Chute
Hand contact with the rotating impeller inside the discharge
chute is the most common cause of injury associated with
snow throwers. Never use your hand to clean out the dis-
charge chute. To clear the chute:
2. Wait 10 seconds to be sure the impeller blades have
stopped rotating.
3. Always use a clean-out tool, not your hands.

Maintenance and Storage

1. Check shear bolts and other bolts at frequent intervals
for proper tightness to be sure the equipment is in safe
working condition.
2. Never store the machine with fuel in the fuel tank inside
a building where ignition sources are present such as
hot water heaters, space heaters, or clothes dryers.
Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure.
3. Always refer to operator's manual for important details
if the snow thrower is to be stored for an extended
4. Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels, as
5. Run the machine a few minutes after throwing snow
to prevent freeze-up of the collector/impeller.

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