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American Standard Noncondensing Gas Furnaces User's Information Manual Page 3

American standard noncondensing gas furnaces user's information guide.
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Filter maintenance reduces energy use.
unit before removing the blower door. Failure to
follow this warning could result in property damage,
personal injury or death.
A clean filter saves money.
When the furnace circulates and filters the air in your
home, dust and dirt particles build up on the filter.
Excessive accumulation can block the airflow, forcing
the unit to work harder to maintain desired tempera-
And the harder your unit has to work, the more energy
it uses. So you pay more any time your system is run-
ning with a dirty filter.
CAUTION: Never operate your unit for either
heating or cooling with filters removed.
Help ensure top efficiency by cleaning the filter once a
month. If you have an upflow furnace, you can wash or
change the filter once a month. Clean it twice a month
during seasons when the unit runs more often.
Your furnace came from the factory with a cleanable
filter. You can clean the filter with a vacuum, OR you
can wash it with a household detergent. Good quality,
high velocity filters may be used for replacements in
upflow furnaces.
With the new patented filter rack on the upflow models,
all cleaning or replacing of filters is quick and easy.
Clean filters guarantee optimum performance of your
Replacing your filter.
When replacing your furnace filters, use a high velocity
type filter. On upflow furnaces, standard size 1" thick
high velocity filters will fit into the patented filter rack
which will automatically adjust in width to fit. Filters
are available from your dealer.
Pub. No. 32-5034-02
Disconnect power to the
How to remove your filter.
unit before removing the blower door. Failure to
follow this warning could result in property damage,
personal injury or death.
The upflow furnace blower door has a hinge at the
bottom which allows the door to tilt forward for filter
servicing or replacement without the door being re-
moved. The furnace filter in the bottom or side configu-
ration can be removed by simply turning the two latches
on the blower door 1/4 turn and tilting the door forward.
Blower Door Hinge and Bottom Filter Rack Installation
The blower door may be removed if necessary by tilting the
door outward 2 to 3 inches, then pulling up. The door will
slide out of the hinge for removal. For replacement, simply
insert the blower door bottom into the space between the
furnace base front and the hinge, then tilt inward and
Typical Upflow Right Side Return Filter Installation
Disconnect power to the
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