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Cleaning The Grease Filters - Husqvarna QC520 User Manual

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Cleaning the grease filters

Clean the filter every month or every other month
according to how much the hood is used. The cleaner
the filters, the better it collects grease. Remove the
filter by (see picture):
1. Grab hold of the handle and push the filter
2. Pulling the filter down at the front and removing
it forwards.
The filter is made of aluminium wires on which the
grease collects. Clean the filter in hot water using a
detergent, or in a dishwasher. Let the filter dry before
putting it back. Note that a dishwasher may discolour
the filter.
Before doing any maintenance work on the
hood, disconnect it from the main supply by
disconnecting the plug from the wall socket or
unscrewing the fuse.
Cleaning the motor cover
It is also possible to clean the motor cover (see picture):
1. Remove the grease filter.
2. Remove the inlet ring (A) by turning it anti-
3. Remove the fan wheel by unscrewing the centre
nut (B) on the fan wheel.
Use gloves when removing the fan wheel. Clean all the
plastic and metal parts with warm water and washing
dergent. Replace in reverse order.
Changing the light
Turn off the power before changing the light.
1. Remove the lampglass by pushing the two snaps
forwards (see picture).
2. Replace the damaged part with one of equal
To remove the light without damaging it, place a finger
on the end of the light and pull gently.


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