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Using The Cooker Hood; Maintenance And Cleaning - Husqvarna QC520 User Manual

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Using the cooker hood

Correct ventilation
If the cooker hood should be working correctly there
must be an underpressure in the kitchen. It is important
to keep the kitchen windows closed and have a win-
dow in an adjacent room open.
Important to know
Great care must be taken if the hood is used at the
same time as a burner or fireplace (e.g. gas, diesel, coal
or wood heaters, water heaters, etc.), as the hood will
expel air which is required by these other appliances.
Attend to it by opening a window. Not applicable for
cooker hoods used in recirculation mode.
Do not operate the fan at a higher speed than
necessary. The low speeds are adequate for
ordinary requirements while cooking. The high
speeds should be used only if food has burnt
while cooking, or for other strong fumes.

Maintenance and cleaning

Before doing any maintenance work on the
hood, disconnect it from the main supply by
disconnecting the plug from the wall socket or
unscrewing the fuse.
Cleaning the hood
Clean the outside of the hood using a damp cloth and a
mild detergent. Never use corrosive, abrasive or
flammable cleaning products.
Clean the filter regularly. The grease that
collects in the filter and the duct could ignite if
a hot plate is left on (or if overheating occurs).
The control panel
The control panel is in the front of the cooker hood.
Best results are obtained by using low speed for
normal conditions and high speed when smells and
steam are more concentrated.
On and Off switch.
Speed adjustment switch.
Lighting switch, on and off.
Turn the hood on a few minutes before you start
cooking then you will get an underpressure in the
kitchen. It should be left on after cooking for about 15
minutes or until all steam and smells have disappeared.
Clean the filter frequently. A clean filter
minimises the motor load, which helps the fan
to function more efficiently.
Cleaning/changing the carbon filter
Unlike other carbon filters, the LONG LIFE carbon
filter can be cleaned and reactivated. The filter should
be cleaned every other month if used normally. The
filter is best cleaned in a dishwasher at the highest
temperature using normal washer detergent. The filter
should be washed on its own to prevent particles of
food from fastening in it and then causing an
unpleasant smell later on. To reactivate the carbon the
filter should be dried in the oven. Chose upper/lower
heat and maximum 100° C and dry the filter for 10
minutes. Read also the filter instructions.


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