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Installation; Safety Instructions - Husqvarna QC520 User Manual

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Safety instructions

The cooker hood may only be used in a private household and for normal cooking purposes. It fulfils international
safety regulations and standards of quality. All precautionary measures however cannot fully eliminate all the acci-
dent risks.
Therefore you should read through instructions, advises and safety instructions carefully before you install and
start using the cooker hood. Pay special attention to sentences with a warning triangle to avoid damages to person
or property. Save the instruction boook for future reference if the cooker hood is sold or left to another person.
Use of cooker hood
Never leave any deep-frying, melting fat,
paraffin or any other inflammable unattended on
the hob. If event of fire: Immediately switch off
the cooker hood and the cooker. Note! Cover
the fire. Never use water.
Never do any flambé cooking underneath the
cooker hood. It can cause a fire. Remember that
overheated fat may spontaneously ignite. Never
leave the fraying pan unattended.
It is essential that the grease filter is regularly
cleaned to avoid fat to drip on to the hot zone
and cause fire. Read also the part "Maintenance
and Cleaning" in the instruction book.
Prevent accidents when disposing your cooker
hood. Disconnect the power plug from the wall
socket and cut the power cord at the hood inlet.
Contact your local authority for information on
where to dispose the cooker hood.
Guide to use the Instructions
The following symbols will be found in the text to
guide you throughout the Instructions:
Safety instructions
Environmental information
Installation and service
Any electrical installation of the cooker hood
must be carried out by a qualified electrician and
the hood itself must be installed by someone
with experience. Installation made by an
unqualified person can lead to loss of function
of the cooker hood and possible damage to
person and/or property.
The cooker hood must be at least 40 cm above
electric burners or electric range, or at least 65
cm above gas burners or gas range.
Ensure that the power cord does not get
squeezed at the installation.
The cooker hood is only currentless when the
plug or the fuse is disconnected.
Laws and regulations which apply to the way
exhaust air should be removed must be
observed. For example, the exhaust air may not
be taken into flues that are used for the removal
of fumes from consumables, which are fed with
types of energy other than electrical energy,
such as oil-fired boilers or wood-burning stoves.


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