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Fitting The Carbon Filter - Husqvarna QC520 User Manual

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Mounting of cooker hood on wall
1. Mark out where the 4 holes shall be drilled on the
wall. Drill in the markings with an Ø8 mm drill and
fit rawl plugs into the holes. Use the template
printed on the packaging.
2. Fix the screws (A) (see picture). Leave about 5
mm distance between the screws and the wall.
3. Hook the cooker hood on the screws (A).
4. Remove the grease filter and mount the screws
(B) in the two lower holes. Remove the grease filter
by pulling it backwards (against the wall) and then
5. Tighten the screws (A).
6. Mount the grease filter.
Mounting the cold air valve
Not applicable for recirculation. The cold air valve
consists of a damper seat with two valves, which shall
be fitted into the hood outlet (see picture). If there is no
other form of ventilation to expel air from the kitchen
than the hood, the outer end of the valves should be
clipped off and removed. Insert a pen or something
similar between the valves. These should open up
easily now.

Fitting the carbon filter

Only applicable for recirculation. The LONG LIFE
carbon filter (special accessory) for this hood is fitted
instead of the grease filter. The LONG LIFE carbon
filter is both a grease and carbon filter for reduction of
cooking smells.
An opening must be made at the top or front of the
cupboard (min. 100 cm²) where the hood is fitted, so
the cleaned air can freely circulate back into the
Use venting grid PNC 391 433 101 (extra equipment)
Mounting the venting kit (see picture)
Extend the duct hose correctly. A duct hose
which is too long or has too many bends can
reduce cooker hood efficiency by fifty per cent.
Shorten the hose if it is too long, and avoid
unnecessary bends in it.
A complete venting kit is available as an optional extra.
The ventilation pipe (A) is pulled over the hood's
evacuation flange (B) and is held firmly in place with a
clamp. Make sure the pipe is as straight as possible and
does not hinder the movement of the valve flaps. The
pipe is connected to the mouth of the duct with the
metal flange (C) which is included in the kit.


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