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Care And Cleaning - Frigidaire 216602400 (9712) Owner's Manual

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Freezer Optional
Slide-Aside Basket

Care and Cleaning

Damp objects stick to
cold metal surfaces. Do not touch interior
metal surfaces with wet or damp hands.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Slide-Aside Basket
This basket helps organize odd-shaped items. To reach other packages in the
freezer, slide the basket aside or lift out.
Fast Freezing Shelves
These shelves contain cooling coils to freeze foods quickly and allow cold air to
constantly circulate throughout the freezer. Do not use sharp metal objects such as
ice picks or scrapers to clean the shelves. This could damage the shelves and reduce
their cooling ability. These shelves are not adjustable.
Drop Front Shelf
The Drop Front Shelf, located at the bottom of the freezer, provides a separate
compartment for small irregular shaped items or large, bulky items. Lift the shelf
front up and out to remove.
Some upright freezers are frost-free and defrost automatically, but should be
cleaned occasionally. Before cleaning or defrosting, unplug the power cord from the
e l e c t r i c a l o u t l e t .
Between Defrostings
To avoid frequent defrosting, occasionally use a plastic scraper to remove frost.
Scrape with a pulling motion. Never use a metal instrument to remove frost.
It is important to defrost and clean the freezer when 1/4 to 1/2 inch of frost has
accumulated. Frost may tend to accumulate faster on the upper part of the freezer
due to warm, moist air entering the freezer when the door is opened. Remove food
and leave the door open when defrosting the freezer.
• On upright models with a defrost drain (Figure 1), remove the drain plug on the
inside floor of the freezer by pulling straight out. To access the external drain tube
on models with a base panel, first remove the two screws from the base panel.
Locate the drain tube near the left center under the freezer. Place a shallow pan
under the drain tube. Defrost water will drain out. Check pan occasionally so water
does not overflow. Replace the drain plug when defrosting and cleaning are
completed. If the drain is left open, warm air may enter the freezer.
• On chest models with a defrost drain, place a shallow pan beneath the drain outlet
(Figure 2). A one half inch garden hose adapter can be used to drain the freezer
directly into a floor drain (Figure 3). If your model is not equipped with an adapter,
one can be purchased at most hardware stores. Pull out the drain plug inside the
freezer, and pull off the outside defrost drain plug (Figure 4 on following page).
Defrost water will drain out. Check pan occasionally so water does not overflow.
Replace the drain plugs when defrosting is completed.
(chest models)
(upright models)
(upright models)
Figure 3

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