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Customer Service; Replacing The Lamp - Electrolux Athur Martin ACN50105W User Manual

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It is too cold inside the
The appliance does not
work at all. Neither cool-
ing nor lighting works.

Customer Service

If your appliance is still not working properly
after making the above checks, contact the
nearest service centre.
To obtain fast service, it is essential that when
you apply for it you specify the model and
serial number of your appliance which can be
found either on the guarantee certificate or
on the rating plate located on the external
right side of the appliance.

Replacing the lamp

1. Disconnect the mains plug from the
mains socket.
2. Replace the used lamp with a new lamp
of the same power (the maximum power
is shown on the lamp cover).
Possible cause
The lid does not close tightly or it
is not shut properly.
Before freezing the appliance was
not precooled sufficiently.
Large quantities of food to be fro-
zen were put in at the same time.
Food placed in the appliance was
too warm.
Products to be frozen are placed
too closely to each other.
The lid has been opened often.
The lid has been opened for a
long time.
The temperature is not set cor-
Plug is not connected to the
mains socket properly.
Power does not reach the appli-
The appliance is not switched on. Switch on the appliance.
There is no voltage in the mains
socket (try to connect another
appliance into it).
Check if the lid closes well and the
gasket is undamaged and clean.
Pre-cool the appliance for enough
Wait some hours and then check
the temperature again. Next time
insert smaller quantities of food to
be frozen at any one time.
Allow food to cool to room tem-
perature before storing.
Place the products in a way so that
cold air could circulate among
Try to not open the lid often.
Do not leave the lid open longer
than necessary.
Set a warmer temperature.
Connect the mains plug properly.
Try connecting another electrical
device to the power outlet.
Call an electrician.
3. Connect the mains plug to the mains
4. Open the lid. Make sure that the lamp
comes on.
Warning! Do not remove the lamp cover
at the time of replacement.
Do not operate the freezer if the lamp
cover is damaged or missing.
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Table of Contents

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