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First Use; Daily Use - Electrolux Athur Martin ACN50105W User Manual

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During the alarm phase, the buzzer can be
switched off by pressing the Alarm reset
During the alarm phase, don't place food in-
side the freezer.

First use

Cleaning the interior
Before using the appliance for the first time,
wash the interior and all internal accessories
with lukewarm water and some neutral soap
so as to remove the typical smell of a brand-
new product, then dry thoroughly.

Daily use

Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment is suitable for
freezing fresh food and storing frozen and
deep-frozen food for a long time.
To freeze fresh food activate the Action
Freeze function at least 24 hours before plac-
ing the food to be frozen in the freezer com-
The maximum amount of food that can be
frozen in 24 hours is specified on the rating
The freezing process lasts 24 hours: during
this period do not add other food to be fro-
Storage of frozen food
When first starting-up or after a period out of
use, before putting the products in the com-
partment let the appliance run at least 2
hours on the higher settings.
Important! In the event of accidental
defrosting, for example due to a power
failure, if the power has been off for longer
than the value shown in the technical
characteristics chart under "rising time", the
defrosted food must be consumed quickly or
cooked immediately and then re-frozen (after
Freezing Calendar
3) Refer to "Technical data"
When normal conditions are restored the
Alarm light will switch off automatically.
Important! Do not use detergents or abra-
sive powders, as these will damage the fin-
The symbols show different types of frozen
The numbers indicate storage times in
months for the appropriate types of frozen
goods. Whether the upper or lower value of
the indicated storage time is valid depends
on the quality of the foods and treating before
Opening and closing the lid
As the lid is equipped with a tightly closing
seal, it is not easy to reopen it shortly after
closing (due to the vacuum formed inside).
Wait a few minutes before reopening the ap-
pliance. The vacuum valve will help you to
open the lid.
Warning! Never pull the handle with im-
mense force.
Storage baskets
Hang the baskets on the upper edge of the
freezer (X) or place them inside the freezer (Y).
Turn and fix the handles for these two posi-
tions as shown in the picture.
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Table of Contents

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