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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux ESF2210DW User Manual

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8.3 Using salt, rinse aid and
• Only use salt, rinse aid and detergent
for dishwasher. Other products can
cause damage to the appliance.
• The rinse aid helps, during the last rins-
ing phase, to dry the dishes without
streaks and stains.
• Combi detergent tablets contain deter-
gent, rinse aid and other added agents.
Be sure that these tablets are applica-
ble to the water hardness in your area.
Refer to the instructions on the packag-
ing of the products.
• Detergent tablets do not fully dissolve
with short programmes. To prevent de-
tergent residues on the tableware, we
recommend that you use the tablets
with long programmes.
Do not use more than the correct
quantity of detergent. Refer to the
instructions on the detergent


Before maintenance, deactivate
the appliance and disconnect the
mains plug from the mains socket.
• Put hollow items (cups, glasses and
pans) with the opening down.
• Make sure that cutlery and dishes do
not bond together. Mix spoons with
other cutlery.
• Make sure that glasses do not touch
other glasses.
• Put small items in the cutlery basket.
• Put light items in the primary basket.
Make sure that the items do not move.
• Make sure that the spray arm can move
freely before you start a programme.
packaging. The instructions on the
packaging usually refer to large
dishwashers (12 settings).
8.4 Before starting a
Make sure that:
• The filters are clean and correctly instal-
• The spray arm is not clogged.
• The position of the items in the baskets
is correct.
• The programme is applicable for the
type of load and for the degree of soil.
• The correct quantity of detergent is
• There is dishwasher salt and rinse aid
(unless you use combi detergent tab-
• The cap of the salt container is tight.
Dirty filters and clogged spray arm
decrease the washing results.
Make a check regularly and, if
necessary, clean them.



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