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Maintenance; Periodical Cleaning; Idle Periods; Something Not Working - Electrolux EU 1630 C Installation And Instruction Manual


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Unplug the appliance before carrying out any
maintenance operation.
This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cooling
unit; maintenance and recharging must therefore only
be carried out by authorized technicians.

Periodical cleaning

Never use metal objects for cleaning your appliance
as it may get damaged.
Wash the interior of the appliance with lukewarm wa-
ter and sodium bicarbonate.
Clean cabinet outer surfaces with a silicone-wax
The condenser and compressor should be cleaned
using a brush or a vacuum cleaner. This latter opera-
tion will maintain the appliance's excellent standards
of performance and save energy.


If the appliance is not functioning properly check that:
the plug is firmly in the wall socket and the mains
power switch is on;
there is no power failure; the control knob is in the
right position.

Idle periods

During periods when the appliance is not used, you
should take the following precautions:
remove the plug from the wall socket;
remove all food from the appliance;
defrost and clean the interior and all accessories;
leave the door slightly open, thus letting air circulate
and preventing the formation of mould and unpleasant
if the appliance seems too noisy check that the sides
are not touching furniture that can transmit or amplify
a noise or a vibration. Also, check that the piping of
the refrigerant system does not vibrate.
If your appliance is still not working properly after
making the above checks, contact your local dealer or
the nearest service center.
To obtain fast service, it is essential that when you
apply for it you specify the model and serial
number of your appliance which can be found in-
side the appliance at the bottom on the left hand


Table of Contents

Table of Contents