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Frozen Food Storage; Helpful Hints; Thawing-Out Frozen Foods; Ice-Cube Production - Electrolux EU 1630 C Installation And Instruction Manual


Table of Contents

Frozen food storage

When the freezer is being turned on for the first time,
or after a prolonged period of disuse, turn the N/S
knob to the Quick-freezing position and then wait at
least two hours before introducing the food to be con-
You may then return the knob to the «N» position.
This two-hour waiting period may be avoided if the
freezer has already been in operation.

Helpful hints

Always check the preparation date indicated on the
frozen foods you buy and respect the expiration time
provided by the producer.
Do not open the freezer door too often and leave it
open only for the minimum time necessary. Unneces-
sary increases in temperature will notably reduce the
duration of the frozen food conservation.
Make sure that all frozen food packages are intact;
otherwise the food may have spoiled.
If such packages present signs of swelling or humidity
marks, this means that the food has not been con-
served correctly, implying that the product has lost
some of its original quality.
When buying frozen foods, carry them in a thermally
insulated shopping bag whenever possible. In any
case, always purchase frozen foods at the end of your
shopping. Wrap the frozen foods in newspaper and
then put them into the freezer as soon as you arrive
Always check the frozen foods you buy carefully at the
moment of purchase, because even partially-thawed
foods must not be re-frozen but must be consumed
within 24 hours of purchase.

Thawing-out frozen foods

Frozen foods must be allowed to thaw out before use
either in the refrigerator (meat, poultry, fish, etc.) or at
room temperature (all other foods) according to the
available time.
Frozen products which come in small-sized or sepa-
rate packages may be cooked directly without thaw-
ing; obviously, in this case, the cooking time will last a
little longer.

Ice-cube production

This appliance is equipped with trays for the produc-
tion of ice-cubes.
Fill these trays with water to 3/4 of their height, then
put them in the freezer.
The ice-cubes may be shaken out from the trays by
simply twisting; do not use metallic instruments to re-
move the trays from the freezer.


Frost should be removed with the special plastic
scraper provided, whenever the thickness exceeds 4
mm. During this operation it is not necessary to cut-off
the power or to remove the food from the freezer.
Do not use a mechanical device or any artificial means
to speed up the thawing process other than those rec-
ommended by the manufacturer.
If a thick layer of ice is formed it will be necessary to
carry out complete defrosting as following:
set the knob to « » position or unplug the appliance
from the mains socket;
wrap frozen food in several layers of newspaper and
place the food packages in a cool place;
leave the door open. Introduce the plastic scraper in
the appropriate seating at the bottom center, as
shown in Fig. 9, place underneath a basin to collect
the defrost water.
When defrosting is completed dry the interior thor-
Keep the scraper for future use.
Turn the thermostat knob to the desired position or re-
place the plug in the socket. After letting the appliance
to run for two or three hours on the quick-freeze set-
ting, it is ready again for storing frozen food.
Fig. 9


Table of Contents

Table of Contents