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Freezing Food; Rules To Observe When Freezing Foods; Cold Accumulator - Electrolux EU 1630 C Installation And Instruction Manual

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Freezing food

Set the freezer to quick-freezing operational status.
Wait at least 3 hours before introducing fresh foods
into the freezer if it has only recently been turned on.
If the freezer has already been working for some time,
turn the respective knob to the «S» position at least 24
hours before introducing the food into the freezer in
order to ensure better freezing results. This period of
time may be shortened according to the quantity of
When quick-freezing is being performed, the com-
pressor works continuously, employing all of its refrig-
erating power to the maximum.
Keep the knob as it is for another 24 hours after the
introduction of the food into the freezer and then re-
turn the knob to the «N» position.
Bear in mind the freezing capacity of your freezer; that
is, the maximum quantity of food that may be frozen in
24 hours.
This freezing capacity is 20 kg.
Distribute the packages as shown in Figure 7.
11 Kg
9 Kg
Arrange the foods to be frozen in the upper compart-
ment, so that these do not come into contact with al-
ready-frozen products because the higher surface
temperature of the food to be frozen might cause an
increase in the surface temperature of the already fro-
zen products.
When the necessary freezing time has elapsed, dis-
tribute the newly-frozen foods into the drawers to free
the compartment for new foods to be frozen.

Rules to observe when freezing foods

All products to be frozen must be fresh and of excel-
lent quality.
Each freezing package must be adjusted to the fami-
ly's consumption quantity in order to be used just
Fig. 7
Small-sized freezing packages allow a more rapid and
uniform freezing.
Do not forget that once frozen foods have thawed out,
they spoil rapidly.
Low-fat content foods are better conserved in the
freezer than those with higher fat content. Salt (when-
ever present) reduces the duration of satisfactory con-
Foods to be frozen must be enclosed in air-tight sacks
or containers especially indicated for this purpose.
Close these sacks or containers tightly to eliminate all air.
Never place bottles or cans of carbonated beverages
in the freezer. These might explode.
Never introduce hot foods or liquids.
Never fill the freezing sacks or containers with covers
to the brim.
Do not consume certain products (popsicles, etc.) im-
mediately after removing them from the freezer, because
their extremely low temperature might cause burns.
Indicate the freezing date on every sack or container
as a means of controlling conservation times.
Never open the freezer door or introduce new foods to
be frozen whenever a Quick-freezing phase is already
in progress.
A special card is located in the holder on the inner
door of the freezer compartment. On the upper part it
shows pictures of different types of food followed by a
figure. These figures indicate the maximum storage
time, in months, for each type of food.
Details of food being stored, can also be written in
pencil on the lower part of the card.
When electrical current happens to be cut off, the
freezer door must not be opened. If the power failure
is short (up to 6-8 hours) and the freezer is full, there is
no risk that the food will spoil.
If the power failure lasts longer, the food must be con-
sumed as rapidly as possible, or otherwise cooked
and re-frozen again.

Cold accumulator

A cold accumulator is supplied in the freezer; this in-
creases the length of time for which food will keep in
the event of a power failure or breakdown. It must be
placed in the top drawer.
Fig. 8



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