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To Start The Wine Cooler And Set The Correct Temperature; Temperature Inside The Wine Cooler; Wine Placement Storage Tips - Electrolux ERC38800WS Instruction Book


Table of Contents
To start the wine cooler and set
the correct temperature
Switching on:
Switch on the wine cooler by pressing
the power switch.
Setting the temperature
Press the buttons until the desired
temperature flashes in the temperature
display (The temperature can be set
between +6°C and +17°C.)
"+" raises the temperature.
"-" lowers the temperature.
Once set, the temperature display
shows the current temperature inside
the cabinet.
NOTE: The controllable area is limited
by a room temperature of 17°C or
Allow the cabinet to run for a period of
24 hours whenever the temperature
setting is changed. This will allow the
temperature to stabilise inside the
It is not necessary to reset the
temperature when the cabinet is
switched on after it has been out of
use. The thermostat recalls the
previously set temperature.
Temperature inside the wine
NOTE: The picture shows the coldest
and warmest places inside the fridge.
(+ warm, - cold)
Wine Placement
Storage tips
The amount of time to store wine
depends on its maturity, type of grape,
alcohol content, and dissolved
fructose and tannins. When purc-
hasing your wine, find out whether it is
mature or if it will improve over time.
In the lower part of the cooler. Cold air
prolongs the time to maturity. Accord-
ingly, store old and mature wine as well
as wine you would like to store for a
long time in the lower portion of the
cooler. The lower part should also be
used to store wine that is to be served
In the upper part of the cooler. In the
upper part, store wine that you wish to
let further mature, wines that are
served at a warmer temperature, and
those wines you intend to consume
relatively soon.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents