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Electrolux EFC 9020X Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 3

Air purification center wall-mounted with cord suspension
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EFA 9020X air purification center (wall-mounted) with cord suspension
Installation instructions – operating instructions
In order to utilize your exhaust hood in the best possible way, please read these instructions carefully
and keep them for later when you might need them.
1. Safety and general information
This exhaust hood may only be connected to a grounded socket outlet installed according to
regulations, or directly by a professional electrician. Fuse grounded socket outlet preferably direct
in the connection box. Electrical data are found inside the apparatus on the type plate after
opening the grease collecting pan (12) behind the steel filter (15). Before opening, disconnect the
device form the mains power supply by turning off main switch (17).
Connection and putting in operation may only be carried out by a professional electrician.
Never operate exhaust hood without filters (7/15) and/or open grease collecting pan (12).
Always use gas cooking area appropriately.
The flames of gas burners must always be covered by cookware. Otherwise the exhaust hood
may become damaged due to the strong generation of heat from open gas flames.
Before commencing any cleaning or maintenance work, the power supply to the exhaust hood
must be interrupted by unplugging the connector from the socket or by switching off main switch
Do not prepare any flambéed dishes under the exhaust hood. The open flame could cause a fire.
Never leave the pan unattended when you deep-fry food because the grease could catch on fire.
Constant maintenance assures unobjectionable operation and maximum performance of your
exhaust hood.
All dirty surfaces should be regularly cleaned and cleared from deposits. The filter must frequently
be removed and cleaned.
Wrong halogen lamps (13) may destroy the transformer.
Do not cause the heat sensor to react by using a flame.
Between ceiling and top of the hood a minimum distance of 300 mm must be observed.
Minimum distance to the cooking range: with electric range: 700 mm, with gas stove: 700 mm.
This appliance must not be used by persons, also children, with diminished psychological,
sensoric, or mental abilities, or by persons without any experience and knowledge unless they are
supervised and instructed in the use of the appliance by a person being responsible for their
Children must never stay around unattended near the appliance and in no case play with this
Safety shutdown:
If one or more filters are removed, the appliance switches off automatically. The appliance is not
ready for use again before the filters are in place correctly.
!!! Operate this appliance only with filters (7/15) inserted and grease collecting pan (12) closed !!!
!!! Before opening this device disconnect it from the mains power supply
Do not look into the lit up disinfection radiation source (14) !!!
by turning off main switch (17) !
Do not operate appliance without filters (7/15)
(High voltage and UV-C radiation)
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