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Electrolux EFC 9020X Installation And Operating Instructions Manual page 13

Air purification center wall-mounted with cord suspension
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15. Note regarding correct disposal of the product
Packing material
The packing materials are environmental compatible and recyclable. Plastic parts are
marked, e.g. >PE<, >PS<, etc. Dispose of packing materials according to their respective
markings at municipal waste management locations into the collection dumpsters provided
for those materials.
Old appliance
This symbol
treated as regular household garbage, but instead has to be delivered up at a collection
point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. With your contribution to the
correct disposal of this product you protect the environment and your fellow human beings'
health. Environment and health are being jeopardized by incorrect disposal. Additional
information about the recycling of this product you will get at your city hall, your garbage
collection office, or at the shop where you had bought this product.
Where to dispose of the old appliances?
Everywhere where new appliances are sold, or delivering up at the official S.EN.S
collection points, or at official S.EN.S recycling firms.
A list of official S.EN.S recycling firms you will find at
Warning: To ensure that no hazard can arise from the worn out appliance anymore, render
it unusable before disposing of. To do so disconnect the device from the mains power
supply and remove the mains connection cable from it.
16. Technical data
External dimension:
Minimum distance to cooking range:
Supply voltage:
Power consumption:
Total weight:
on the product or on the packing indicates that this product must not be
900 x 600 mm
700 mm
230 volt
272 watt
29 kg
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