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Features - Honeywell CAR BLACK BOX User Manual

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WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
Unique ability feature to combine both low and high
illumination in a singular image without any image
loss and clear view of the image
Normal Recording
High qualified video recording of 2Mbps at 30fps
within diagonal 120 front view
Emergency Recording
With G-sensor, Black Box automatically detects
accidents or impacts and records & saves data
of 15 seconds before & after the event
Manual Recording
Manual Recording Mode is intended for user
to save images at discretion when necessary
No.1 Global Security Company
Image Deletion in timely order
When the SD card is full with data, image is
deleted in order from the oldest one.
Voice Recording
Embedded microphone records voice &
sound. (on/off option)
Voice Guide
The setting status can be easily identified with
embedded speaker
180 Camera Rotation
User can rotate Camera part 180
in order to record a front view or car interior
Video Play in PC
The saved video data can be played by
exclusive PC viewer manager provided by
Honeywell or Window media player.
No.1 Global Security Company

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