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Honeywell GasAlert Extreme User Manual page 13

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GasAlert Extreme
User Manual
To avoid possible personal injury, adhere to the following:
Warning: Substitution of components may impair Intrinsic Safety.
Warning: To prevent ignition of flammable or combustible atmospheres, disconnect power before servicing.
Do not use the detector if it is damaged. Before using the detector, inspect the case. Look for cracks and missing
Use only a sensor specifically designed for the GasAlert Extreme model. Refer to
Do not deactivate the detector during a work shift. Deactivating the detector resets the time-weighted average (TWA),
short-term exposure limit (STEL), and maximum gas exposure values to 0. Refer to Alarms.
Ensure the sensor screen is not blocked.
If the detector is damaged or parts are missing, contact
If the detector has been disassembled, ensure the front and rear shells are properly aligned and fastened before acti-
vating the detector. Refer to Maintenance.
Periodically test the sensor's response to gas by exposing the detector to a targeted gas concentration that exceeds
the high alarm setpoint. Manually verify that the audible and visual alarms are activated.
Calibrate the detector before first-time use, and then at least once every 180 days. For HCN detectors, calibrate once
every 90 days.
Use only the Energizer 1CR2 battery. Refer to
To reduce the risk of ignition of a flammable atmosphere, batteries must only be changed in a safe area free of hazard-
ous gas.
Do not place the detector near the mouth or shoulders.
BW Technologies by Honeywell
Replacing the Battery or
Replacement Parts and Accesso-



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