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Operation - Electrolux EHT 6415 Operating Instructions Manual

Gas hob
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8 electrolux
Any gas installation must be carried out by qualified personnel, and in
accordance with existing rules and regulations.
The relevant instructions are to be found in the second section of this manual.
Please, ensure that, once the hob is installed, it is easily accessible for the
engineer in the event of a breakdown.
The manufacturer will not accept liability, should the above instructions or any
of the other safety instructions incorporated in this book be ignored.
Once the hob has been installed, it is important to remove any protective materials,
which were put on in the factory.


Hob Burners
! ! ! ! !
To light a burner:
turn the relevant knob anticlockwise to
maximum position and push down the knob to
After lighting the flame, keep the knob pushed
down for about 5 seconds. This will allow the
"thermocouple" (Fig. 2 - lett. D) to be heated
and the safety device to be switched off,
otherwise the gas supply would be interrupted.
Then, check the flame is regular and adjust it
as required.
If you cannot light the flame even after several
attempts, check the "cap" (Fig. 1 - lett. A) and
"crown" (Fig. 1 - lett. B) are in the correct position.
To put the flame out, turn the knob to the symbol
In the absence of electricity, ignition can
occur without the electrical device; in this case approach the burner with a
flame, push the relevant knob down and turn it anti-clockwise until it reaches
the"maximum" position.
When switching on the mains, after installation or a power cut, it is quite normal
for the spark generator to be activated automatically.
A - Burner cap
B - Burner crown
C - Ignition electrode
D - Thermocouple
Fig. 1



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