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In The Event Of A Fault - Electrolux ESF 2440 Instruction Book

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In the event of a fault

Before calling out an engineer, please check through the details below because some faults can be rectified easily
without the need to call out an engineer. If an engineer is called to resolve a problem listed below or to repair a
fault caused by incorrect installation or mis-use a charge will be made, even if the appliance is under guarantee.
The programme will not start.
The dishwasher is not filling with water.
Water not discharged at end of cycle.
Dishes not washed satisfactorily.
Visible lime deposits or white film
on the dishes.
The dishwasher is noisy.
Whistling sound when washing.
The dishes are not quite dry and are
not shiny.
The door is difficult to close.
• Is the door closed properly?
• Have you pressed the On/Off button?
• Is the water tap turned on?
• Is the dishwasher plugged in?
• Has the fuse blown?
• Is the delayed start-button pressed in?
• Is the previous programme finished?
• Is the water tap turned on?
• Has your domestic water supply been cut off temporarily?
• Is the water inlet hose kinked or squashed?
• Is the filter inside the inlet hose blocked?
• Is the water pressure too low?
• Did you open the door before the indicator light
lit and the programme cycle finished?
• Is the previous programme finished? (See "Using the appliance").
• Are the filters clogged?
• Has anything prevented the spray arm from rotating?
• Are the spray arm holes clogged?
• Were the dishes packed too close together?
• Are the filters clogged?
• Are the filters fitted correctly in place?
• Did you use enough detergent?
• Did you select a programme with too low temperature?
• Is the rinse aid dispenser empty?
• Is the rinse aid dispenser adjusted to too low dosage?
• Are the dishes rattling against each other?
• Is the spray arm knocking against the dishes?
• This is not a fault, try another brand of detergent.
• Is the rinse aid dispenser empty or adjusted to too low dosage?
• Have the dishes been left too long inside the dishwasher?
• Is the dishwasher level?
- 10 -
(See "Using the appliance").



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