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Electrolux EHE 682 Instruction Booklet page 6

Electric hob
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Hints and Tips
Saucepans for use on solid plates should have several
They should be fairly heavy duty
They should fit the heat area exactly, or be slightly
larger for efficient use, NEVER smaller.
They should have a flat base to ensure good
contact with the plate.
This is particularly important when using pans for
high temperature frying or pressure cooking.
As soon as liquid starts boiling, turn down the plate
control knob so that it will barely keep the liquid
You can switch off the plate a short while before you
finish cooking, and the final stage will be completed
on the accumulated heat. Similarly, stews etc. cooked
in well covered saucepans cook at lower temperature
which is more economical.
Ensure pans are large enough to avoid
liquids being split onto the plates.
Never leave the plates on without a pan on
them or with an empty pan on them.
Take care never to lean or reach over a hot
electric plate. Always point pan handles
inward or over the work surface next to the
hob to avoid accidentally knocking over a
pan as you pass by.
Take care when frying food in hot oil or fat,
as the overheated splashes could easily
If the control knobs become difficult to turn,
please contact your local Electrolux Service



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