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Switch Connection; Power Connection - D-Link DPS-300 Quick Installation Manual

Redundant power system
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Switch Connection

Caution: The redundant power supply should
be disconnected from its power source before
connecting to the switch. Directly connecting
a powered RPS to the switch may cause
damage to the switch's internal power supply.
Insert one end of the DC power cable into the receptacle on
the switch and the other end into the redundant power
Connecting a DPS-600 to a switch
Connecting a DPS-700 to a switch
Caution: Do not connect the DPS-700 to the
switch using the 14-pin DC power cable. The
equipment may be damaged if using this
cable instead of the correct 22-pin DC power
Connecting a single RPS in a DPS-800 rack to a switch
Connecting a single RPS in a DPS-900 rack to a switch

Power Connection

Connecting AC Power (DPS-200/300/500/600/700)
Using a standard AC power cable, connect the redundant
power supply to the main AC power source. A green LED
on the front of the DPS-200/DPS-300/DPS-500/DPS-600
will glow to indicate a successful connection.
Connecting DC Power (DPS-500DC)
1. Firmly attach the DC power source to the negative and
positive contacts on the wiring assembly.
The negative pole (-)
connects to the -48V contact.
The positive pole (+)
connects to the -48V RTN
If available, an earth ground
may be connected to the
center contact post.
2. Tighten the contact screws to secure the connection.
No change in switch configuration is necessary when
connecting to the RPS.



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