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Protect batteries and chargers from
• Avoid exposing batteries to very cold or very hot
temperatures (below 0° C/32° F or above 45° C/
113° F). Extreme temperatures can reduce the
charging capacity and life of your batteries.
• Prevent batteries from contacting metal objects,
as this can create a connection between the +
and - terminals of your batteries and lead to
temporary or permanent battery damage.
• Never use a damaged charger or battery.
Handle your device carefully and
• Do not disassemble your device due to a risk of
electric shock.
• Do not allow your device to get wet—liquids can
cause serious damage and will change the colour
of the label that indicates water damage inside the
device. Do not handle your device with wet
hands. Water damage to your device can void
your manufacturer's warranty.
• Avoid using or storing your device in dusty, dirty
areas to prevent damage to moving parts.
• Your device is a complex electronic device—
protect it from impacts and rough handling to
avoid serious damage.
• Do not paint your device, as paint can clog
moving parts and prevent proper operation.
• If your device has a camera flash or light, avoid
using it close to the eyes of children or animals.
• Your device may be damaged by exposure to
magnetic fields. Do not use carrying cases or
accessories with magnetic closures or allow your
device to come in contact with magnetic fields for
extended periods of time.


Table of Contents

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