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directional headlights
Depending on the vehicle, with the
dipped beam headlights on and under
certain conditions (speed, steering
wheel angle, forwards gear selected,
etc.) when cornering, the dipped beam
headlights move to light the inside of
the bend.
Operating faults
When the message "Check lighting",
accompanied by the
light is displayed on the instrument
panel, there is a lighting fault.
Consult an approved dealer.
special features
– For vehicles equipped with auto-
matic lighting, if the dipped beam
headlights are manually switched on
and the light is sufficient, the direc-
tional headlights will remain fixed;
– If the lights come on automatically
when cornering, the directional head-
lights will start working from the next
time the vehicle corners;
– When the dipped beam headlights
are switched on with the engine run-
ning and the vehicle stationary, the
lights move to reinitialise themselves.
If not, there is a system fault.

switching off the lights

There are two possibilities:
– manually, move ring 3 to position 0;
– automatically, the lights will go out
when the engine is switched off, the
driver's door is opened or the vehicle
is locked. In this case, the next time
the engine is started the lights will be
switched back on according to the
position of the ring 3.
Note: if the fog lights are lit, the lights
are not switched off automatically.
"see-me-home lighting"
This function allows you to briefly switch
on the dipped beam headlights (to pro-
vide light when opening a gate, etc.).
With the engine switched off, the
lights off, and ring 3 in position 0 or
depending on the vehicle, AUTO, pull
stalk 1 towards you: the dipped beam
headlights come on for approximately
thirty seconds. To increase this duration,
you may pull the stalk up to four times
(total time restricted to two minutes).
The message "See-me-home _ _ _ "
accompanied by the lighting time is dis-
played on the instrument panel to con-
firm the action. You can then lock your
To switch off the lights before they go
out automatically, turn ring 3 to any po-
sition, then return it to the AUTO posi-
tion .



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