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Fujitsu Silicone Sleeve User Manual page 4

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on the bottom rear of the sleeve; this is designed to help accom-
modate the docking cradle.
To attach it to the docking cradle,
visually align the connector on the
bottom of your slate with the
connector on the docking cradle
(Fig. 5). While holding the top
away from the cradle, set the slate
onto the cradle with the connec-
tors aligned.
To protect your system
from damage during doc-
king, do not push too
hard, or the connectors may be
damaged. Lay the top of the sys-
tem against the cradle. When pro-
perly installed, the tablet will rest
on the small risers on the base of
the cradle; there should be a small
gap between the bottom of the
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Figure 5. Docking System
tablet and base of the cradle.
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