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Fujitsu Silicone Sleeve User Manual page 3

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with both hands. When
the system is lying flat, bend
the corner back over the system corner.
Pen Holder
The silicone sleeve has a handy pen holder located at the top
(Figure 2). It's good practice to stow your pen when not in use in
order to prevent damage to it.
Lanyard / Pen Tether
The pen tether attachment point on the system is exposed so
that when the system is installed in the sleeve you can
secure the pen tether that was included with your system
and/or the lanyard (pictured on the right) that was included
with the sleeve. To install, run the loop on the end of the
tether or lanyard through the pen tether attachment point,
then feed the pen or lanyard through the loop. Pull it taut.
Optional Hand Strap
An optional hand strap is available as an accessory. When
the system is installed in the silicone sleeve, the hand strap
can be attached to the threaded inserts through the holes in the
back of the sleeve (Figure 2).
Using the Optional Docking Cradle
A system that is installed in the silicone sleeve can be used with
the optional docking cradle. Note that there is a thinner section
Figure 4. Securing Corners


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