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Kenmore 66515751791 Installation Instructions Manual Page 12

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Turn on power supply (or plug power cord into outlet, if equipped).
Turn dial to Normal "Wash" position.
Close door.
Check to be sure that water enters the dishwasher. If water does not
enter the dishwasher, check to be sure that water and power are
turned on.
Check for leaks under the dishwasher. If a leak is found, turn power
supply off, then tighten connections. Restore power after leak is
Check for leaks around the door. A leak around the door could be
caused by door rubbing or hitting against adjacent cabinetry. Reposition
the dishwasher if necessary. See Step 9.
The dishwasher will drain and turn off about 5 to 7 minutes after the
first fill. Check drain lines. If leaks are found, turn power off at the
breaker and correct plumbing as necessary. Restore power after
corrections are made. See Step 12.
Open dishwasher door and make sure most of the water has drained.
If not, check that disposer plug has been removed and/or air gap is not
plugged. See Step 13. Also check drain line for kinking.
Run the dishwasher through another fill and drain cycle. Check for
leaks and correct if required.
At the end of drain, open door and turn dial to OFF position.
Installation Instructions
Use Top 4
Screw Holes
2 - P i e c e T o e
Adjust Up
or Down
Figure Y
• Place 2-piece toekick against the legs of the dishwasher.
• Place the inner toekick piece (with slots) against the toekick
bracket. The slots should align with toekick bracket screw
holes. Allow the toekick to touch the floor.
• Place larger toekick over the inner piece and install 4 toekick
• Use additional 2 screws that are provided for installations
over 33-1/2" high.
• Use both toekick pieces for all installation heights.
Be sure to leave complete literature package and installation
instructions with consumer.
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