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Wine cooler / beverage center
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Proper Storage

The wine cooler will accommodate 46 bottles (750
ml size). There are five (5) upper racks that will
hold eight (8) bottles each and one lower display
rack that will hold six (6) bottles. Specially designed
wine racks allow for proper horizontal storage of the
wine. The cork remains moist which keeps air from
entering the bottle.
The beverage center will accommodate six (6)
bottles on the lower rack. Additional storage
capacity is provided on the glass shelves above the
Display Rack
The bottom rack in your wine cooler is designed for
storage as well as for display purposes. The unit
holds six (6) bottles in the display rack.
Stocking Recommendations
(Wine Cooler Only)
The wine racks allow for the proper horizontal
storage of wine. The bottles are properly positioned
so that the wine remains in contact with the cork to
assure that the cork does not become dry. White
and sparkling wines should be maintained on the
bottom to middle racks and red wine on the top
Your wine cooler should be stocked beginning with
the bottom display rack at the back and working
forward staggering the bottles.
Subsequent racks should be stocked similarly,
starting with the back of each rack.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents