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Zanussi ZCV663 User Manual page 18

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• Appliance left the factory fully packaged. If it is deliv-
ered without packaging and damage has occurred,
the manufacturer cannot accept responsibility. Con-
tact your supplier for advice.
• Do not move the appliance by hand after removed
the packaging. Do not use a sack barrow or any other
aid to lift the appliance. It can cause a damage.
• To move the appliance, open the oven door and lift
the appliance by holding inside the top of the com-
• You can fit your freestanding appliance with cabinets
on one or both sides and in the corner.
• Protect sidewalls above the hob level by heat resist-
ant noncombustible material and provide minimum
40 mm distance from the sidewalls to the hob side.
• Provide minimum 2 mm air gap at either side of the
appliance to enable moving it into position.
• Surfaces above the hob (also cooker hoods) must be
a minimum of 685 mm above the hob.
The anti-tilt protection
Caution! You must install the anti-tilt protection
(A+B). If you do not install it the appliance can tilt.
Before you install anti-tilt protection, adjust the
appliance to the correct height.
The anti-tilt protection has two parts (A+B). You can
find the anti-tilt protection (B) on right or left side of the
rear wall of the appliance (See fig. 1). You must install
the anti-tilt protection (A) on the wall. The distance of
the hole of the anti-tilt protection (A) from the floor is
about 816 mm. Make sure you install the anti-tilt pro-
tection (A) at the correct height. Screw it into the solid
material or use applicable reinforcement.
Check that the anti-tilt protection projects minimum 20
mm into the hole in the back of the appliance (B) when
you push the appliance (See fig. 2). If the space be-
tween the bench cupboards is greater than the width of
the appliance, you must adjust the side measurement to
centre the appliance. Make sure that the surface behind
the appliance is smooth.
Electrical installation
Warning! Only a qualified and competent person
must do the electrical installation.
The manufacturer is not responsible if you do not
follow safety precautions from chapter "Safety".
This appliance is supplied without a main plug and a
main cable.
Covering terminal board
The recommended cross-section area is six square mil-
limetres (6 mm²).
When you refit the mains terminal cover, make sure that
the lower tabs are located inside the bottom edge of the
aperture, before you fix the two screws into the top edge
of the mains terminal cover.
Make sure that the cover is securely fastened.
To open the cover of terminal board obey the pro-
cedure in opposite sequence.
Terminal board
Make sure that the links are fitted as shown.
60 mm
50 mm



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