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Motorola XR900 Series User Manual: Pedestal Mounting

Mass storage subsystem.
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Hardware Preparation and Installation

Pedestal Mounting

4. Remove the side and back panels of the rack as necessary to
gain access to the interior for chassis installation.
The next two steps are a two-person operation.
5. Position the chassis in the selected rack bay or mast location
and align the slots in the chassis flanges with the
corresponding holes in the frame rails of the rack or mast.
6. Install screws at those locations to secure the chassis in
7. Reinstall the front bezel on the XR900 chassis.
The XR900 chassis, like the integrated SCSI peripheral expansion
chassis described in the Modular VME System Chassis User's Manual,
can be mounted directly atop the Modular Chassis in a pedestal
configuration. It can also be installed on top of an existing
integrated peripheral expansion chassis in a pedestal configuration.
Although the XR900 uses no guide pins and (unlike the integrated
chassis) receives power through an external cord rather than from
the VME card cage, the pedestal installation procedure is similar.
To pedestal-mount the XR900 chassis, proceed as follows:
1. Switch all Modular Chassis power to
the power cord(s) from the AC or DC power source:
– If the power supply is an AC unit, unplug the power cord
from the AC outlet.
– If the power supply is a DC unit, turn off the –48Vdc
power source and disconnect the DC leads from the power
supply input.
and disconnect


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