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2.10.7 Connecting a Cell Station to the PBX
Registering the PS
The PS must be registered to the PBX before it can be used. Programming of both the PS and PBX is required.
A Proprietary Telephone (PT) with multiline display (e.g., KX-T7636 6-line display) is required to perform the
PBX system programming.
For details about system programming using a PT, refer to "2.3.2 PT Programming" in the Feature Guide,
and "2.1 PT Programming" in the PT Programming Manual.
Entering the System Programming Mode
PT (Administrator Level)
means default value throughout this section.
Setting the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for PS Registration
To prevent registering the PS to a wrong PBX, a PIN for PS registration can be set to the PBX. Before registering
the PS to the PBX, enter the PIN set to the PBX into the PS. By doing so, the PS will only be registered to the
PBX with the matching PIN.
By default, the PIN for PS registration is "1234" for both the PBX and PS. Therefore, the PS can be
registered to the PBX without setting the PIN.
The PIN for PS registration will only be used when registering the PS to the PBX. Therefore, during
normal operation after registration, even if there is more than 1 PBX with the same PIN near the PS,
the PS will not be inadvertently linked to a different PBX.
Setting the PIN for PBX
Setting the PIN for PS
Installation Manual
System Password for Administrator—
for PT Programming
PIN for PS Registration
4 digits
= 1234
Programming No.
3 digits


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