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2.10.5 Site Survey
Plan the CS coverage areas to meet for at least 2 CSs at any location in the installation site.
Channel no. 0
Channel no. 2
Make sure that the radio signal strength level is greater than "3" at any location in the service area
required by the user.
If a channel is set, the results of measurement for the 24 slots on the channel are saved each time.
If the same channel is set, the new results override the previous ones. Therefore, a measurement
of 5 channels ´ 24 slots in total can be made.
If correct results cannot be obtained (e.g., there are many frame errors), change the location of the
CS and repeat the site survey to select the best location.
If multiple CSs cover the same area, the phone connection may become noisy or the number of
possible simultaneous calls with PSs may decrease due to interference between the CSs. As a
guideline, the maximum number of CSs in an area with a radio signal strength of "11" is 4 (for
KX-TDA0155)/2 (for the KX-TDA0158).
To guarantee the number of simultaneous calls, the KX-TDA0158 is recommended.
Installation Manual
Level 11
Channel no. 1
Channel no. 3


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