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Lamp Indications - Panasonic EY0L10 Operating Instructions Manual

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4. During charging, the charging lamp will
be lit.
When charging is completed, an inter-
nal electronic switch will automatically
be triggered to prevent overcharging.
• Charging will not start if the battery
pack is warm (for example, immedi-
ately after heavy-duty operation).
The orange standby lamp will be
lit until the battery cools down.
Charging will then begin automati-
5. When charging is completed, the
charging lamp will start flashing quick-
ly in green color.
6. If the charging lamp does not light im-
mediately after the charger is plugged
in, or if after the standard charging
time the lamp does not go off, consult
an authorized dealer.


Green Lit
Green Flashing Quickly
Green Flashing
Green Lit
Orange Lit
Orange Flashing
Both Orange and
Green Flashing Quickly
7. If a fully charged battery pack is
inserted into the charger again, the
charging lamp lights up. After sever-
al minutes, the charging lamp may
flash quickly to indicate the charging
is completed.
• When a cold battery (of about 0°C
or less) is to be charged in a warm
room, leave the battery in the room
for at least one hour and charge
it when it has warmed up to room
temperature. (Failing to do so may
result in less than a full charge.)
• Cool down the charger when charging
more than two battery packs consecu-
• Do not insert your fingers into con-
tact hole, when holding charger or
any other occasions.
To prevent the risk of fire or damage
to the battery charger.
• Do not use power source from an
engine generator.
• Do not cover vent holes on the
charger and the battery pack.
• Unplug the charger when not in
Charger is plugged into the AC outlet.
Ready to charge.
Charging is completed. (Full charge. Li-ion only)
Battery is approximately 80% charged. (Usable charge. Li-
ion only)
Now charging.
Battery pack is cool.
The battery pack is being charged slowly to reduce the load
on the battery.
Battery pack is warm. Charging will begin when temperature
of battery pack drops.
If the temperature of the battery pack is –10°C or less, the
charging lamp will also start flashing. Charging will begin when
the temperature of the battery pack goes up (Li-ion only).
Charging is not possible. Clogged with dust or malfunction
of the battery pack.
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