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Troubleshooting Tips - GE 49-60327 Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

2 cubic foot models, 3 cubic foot models, 4 cubic foot models, 6 cubic foot models
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Troubleshooting tips.

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Refrigerator does not
Vibration or rattling
(slight vibration
is normal)
Motor operates for
long periods or cycles
Door will not open
Possible Causes
Control in OFF position.
Refrigerator is
The fuse is blown/circuit
breaker is tripped.
Front leveling legs
(on some models)
need adjusting.
Refrigerator is on
an uneven surface.
Normal when refrigerator
is first plugged in.
Often occurs when
large amounts of food
are placed in refrigerator.
Door left open.
Hot weather or frequent
door openings.
Temperature control
set at the coldest setting.
Not enough clearance
from the wall.
Refrigerator is locked
(lock is available
on some models).
What To Do
Move the control to a
temperature setting.
Push the plug completely
into the outlet.
Replace fuse or reset
the breaker.
See Leveling Legs.
Use shims to level the
Wait 24 hours for the
refrigerator to completely
cool down.
This is normal.
Check to see if package is
holding door open.
This is normal.
See About the control.
See Clearances in Preparing
to install the refrigerator.
Unlock the door with
the key. If the key has
been lost, a replacement
key can be ordered by
visiting our Website,
or calling GE Parts and
Accessories, 800.626.2002.



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