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Use Skype - Philips 32PFL35x8G User Manual

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Unblock all devices
All previously connected and blocked
devices are stored in the Wi-Fi Miracast list
of connections. If you clear this list, all
blocked devices will be unblocked.
1. Press
2. Select [Setup], then press OK.
3. Select [Network settings] > [Clear Wi-Fi
Miracast devices], and then press OK.
4. Select [Yes], then press OK.
Blocking a previously connected device
If you want to block a device that you
previously connected, you need to clear the
Wi-Fi Miracast connections list first. If you
clear this list, you will have to confirm or
block the connection for every device again.
1. Press
2. Select [Setup], then press OK.
3. Select [Network settings] > [Clear Wi-Fi
Miracast devices], and then press OK.
4. Select [Yes], then press OK.

Use Skype™

What you can do
Talk to anyone else on Skype,
anywhere in the world, for free.
Make low-cost calls to phones and
mobiles. A Skype subscription is
required. Visit
Participate in conference calls.
Send and receive voicemails.
Forward a call.
Manage your online status, 'mood'
message, and profile information.
No emergency calls with Skype. Skype
is not a replacement for your telephone
and cannot be used for emergency calls.
This TV comes with Skype pre-installed
on it and ready to use. You do not
need to install or download any files for
using Skype. Simply connect a Philips
TV video camera to use Skype.
What you need
A Philips TV video camera, PTA317/00
(sold separately), with built-in
microphone. See Connect your TV >
Connect more devices > Video call
camera (Page 50).
An Internet connection.
A wired or wireless home network. For
network connection, see Connect your
TV > Connect to a network and the
Internet (Page 54).
A Skype account. You can create a
Skype account on this TV or from your
Tip: If you have connected a USB keyboard
to this TV, you can enter text from your
keyboard. For keyboard connections, see
Connect your TV > Connect more devices
> Keyboard and mouse (Page 50).
Start Skype
Sign in to your account
1. Press
, then select [Skype].
2. Enter your [Skype name] and [Password].
To enter text, select each field and press OK
to access the onscreen keyboard.
3. Select [Sign in], then press OK.
The Skype menu is displayed.
Tip: If you have forgotten your password,
start Skype on your computer. Visit
to retrieve your password.
Create an account
If you do not have a Skype name and
password, you can create an account from
your TV.
1. Select [Don't have a Skype Name?], then
press OK.
2. Read the Skype End User License
Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy
Statement. Once complete, select [Accept]
and press OK.


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