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Record Tv Shows - Philips 32PFL35x8G User Manual

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Pause a live TV broadcast
1. On a digital channel, press
TV program.
2. Press
to continue watching.
The status bar shows these time indicators:
A. When the program was paused for the
first time.
B. Where the paused program is currently
C. Where the live program is currently
To watch the stored broadcast, press
to search backward or
To change playback speed, press
To watch the live TV broadcast, press
Note: If a recording is in progress, you
cannot pause the TV broadcast.
The stored broadcast on the USB hard
drive is deleted if you:
Disconnect the USB hard drive.
Start recording a TV program.
Access Smart TV.
Switch the TV to standby.
Switch to another channel.
Switch source to watch from a
connected device, such as a Blu-ray disc
player or digital receiver.
to pause a

Record TV shows

What you can do
If your TV can receive program guides, you
can record TV programs onto a USB hard
drive. You can record both current TV
programs as well as future TV programs.
Recording is only supported in countries
with Internet program guides.
What you need
Tune your TV to receive digital TV
channels such as DVB broadcasts. See
Change your TV settings > Channels >
Automatic installation (Page 35).
Connect a USB 2.0 compatible hard
drive with a minimum capacity of 32
GB and a minimum transfer speed of
30 megabits per second. For optimal
performance, use a hard drive with 250
GB disk space. You can use the same
USB hard drive to record and pause TV
Install USB hard drive
To record TV shows, you must connect a
USB hard drive to the TV and format it.
If the TV does not recognize the USB hard
drive, use a PC to format it to NTFS or
FAT32 system, and then try again.
Formatting removes all data from the
connected USB hard drive.
The USB hard drive is formatted
exclusively for this TV. Keep it
permanently connected to the TV. You
cannot access the contents of the USB
hard drive from another TV or PC.
Do not overload the USB port. If you
connect a USB hard drive device that
consumes more than 500mA power,
make sure that it is connected to its
own external power supply.


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