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Frequently Asked Questions - Philips D150 User Manual

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Frequently asked questions

No signal bar is displayed on the screen.
• The handset is out of range. Move it closer to the
base station.
• If the handset displays [unregistered],
register your handset.
If I fail to pair (register) the additional handsets to
the base station, what do I do?
Your base memory is full. Access
[services] > [unregister] to unregister
the unused handsets and try again.
My handset is in searching status, what do I do?
• Make sure that the base station has power supply.
• Register the handset to the base station.
• Move the handset closer to the base station.
I cannot change the settings of my voice mail, what
do I do?
The voice mail service is managed by your service
provider but not the phone itself. Contact your
service provider to change the settings.
No display
• Make sure the batteries are charged.
• Make sure there are power and phone
The handset on the charger does not charge.
• Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.
• Make sure the handset is placed properly on the
charger. The battery icon animates when charging.
• Make sure the docking tone setting is turned on.
When the handset is placed correctly on the
charger, you can hear a docking tone.
• The charging contacts are dirty. Disconnect the
power supply first and clean the contacts with a
damp cloth.
• Purchase new ones with the same specifications.
Bad audio (crackles, echo, etc.)
• The handset is nearly out of range. Move it closer
to the base station.
• The phone receives interference from the nearby
electrical appliances. Move the base station away
from them.
• The phone is at a location with thick walls. Move
the base away from them.
The handset does not ring.
Make sure the handset ringtone is turned on.
The caller ID does not display.
• The service is not activated. Check with your
service provider.
• The caller's information is withheld or unavailable.

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