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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual: Zone Merge

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch fcoe configuration guide.
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After receiving the RCA request, the managed switch releases its change authorization state and
replies with an ACC packet.
The manager switch releases its change authorization state after receiving ACC packets from all
managed switches.
[1] This actually requires the routing information across the fabric to be correct and consistent and
eliminating unreachable routes. You need to pay special attention to this in the case of using static
routes. Otherwise, data cannot be correctly distributed.
[2] If the managed switch replies with neither an ACC packet nor an RJT packet because of its abnormal
state, the manager switch cannot be released from its locked state. To prevent this situation, the manager
switch starts a packet retransmission mechanism, transmitting up to three ACA requests. In this case, if
no reply is received, the manager switch releases its locked state. If the manager switch becomes
abnormal after sending an ACA request, the managed switch will be in locked state but cannot receive
subsequent packets. Similarly, the managed switch releases its locked state after waiting for a period of

Zone merge

When two fabrics are merged, both the active zone set and zone database might exist in each fabric. In
this case, zone configuration information needs to be merged.
The following merge types are provided:
Complete merge—Merges both the active zone sets and zone databases.
Incomplete merge—Merges only the active zone sets.
The merge-originating switch checks its local merge type. If it is configured with complete merge, it sends
packets with both the active zone set and zone database. Otherwise, it sends packets with only the active
zone set.
The merge-originating switch determines the data to be merged according to its locally configured
merge type, while the merged switches merge all received data, regardless of the their merge types.
The pWWN is a preferred choice over FC addresses to identify zone members, because FC addresses
might change at fabric merge and the merge result might not be as expected by users.
Zone merge process
When a switch discovers a new neighbor (the link layer module discovers neighbors and notifies the
zone module), it starts a merge process with the neighbor. If the data changes after merging, the switch
sends the changed data to neighbor switches until all switches in the fabric update their data.
During the merge, the switch sends Merge Request Resource Allocation (MRRA) requests to negotiate the
size of data transmitted and then Merge Request (MR) packets containing data to be merged to neighbor


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