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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual: Direct Routes

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch fcoe configuration guide.
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FCF switch is 0x010000. A network mask is made up of a certain number of consecutive 1s. It can
be expressed in hexadecimal format or by the number of 1s.
Protocol—Protocol type:
DIRECT—Direct routes.
STATIC—Static routes.
FSPF—FSPF routes.
Preference—There might be direct routes, static routes, and FSPF routes to the same destination. All
of these types of routes are assigned preferences. Direct routes have a preference of 0, static routes
have a preference of 10, and FSPF routes have a preference of 20. The optimal route is the one with
the highest priority (smallest preference value).
Cost—Cost of the route. For routes to the same destination and with the same preference, the route
with the lowest cost is the optimal one. The cost of direct routes is 0. The costs of static routes and
FSPF routes are configurable.
Interface—Specifies the interface through which a matching FC frame is to be forwarded out of the
FCF switch.
FIB table contents
Each entry in the FIB table specifies which interface a packet destined for a certain destination node or
FCF switch should go out through to reach the next hop (the next FCF switch) or the directly-connected
destination node.
To display FIB table information, use the display fc fib command as follows:
<Sysname> display fc fib vsan 1
FC FIB information in VSAN 1:
Destination count: 6
FIB entry count: 6
The key items Destination, Mask, and Interface in an FIB table have the same meanings as those in a
routing table.

Direct routes

The sources of direct routes include well-known addresses and the FC addresses that the local switch
assigns to directly-connected N_Ports.
The well-known addresses are usually used to access FCF switches. For usage of common
well-known addresses, see
are added to the routing table as the destination addresses of direct routes. In such a direct route,
the destination address is a well-known address, the mask is 0xFFFFFF, and the outgoing interface
is InLoop0.
"Appendix B Well-known fabric
addresses." All well-known addresses


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