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HP 6125XLG Configuration Manual: Fcoe; Basic Concepts

R2306-hp 6125xlg blade switch fcoe configuration guide.
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Zoning can solve the preceding problem by dividing a VSAN into zones and adding N_Ports to different
zones for different purposes. In this manner, N_Ports in different zones are separated to implement
access control.
For more information about FC zones, see


A data center using the FC SAN technology usually comprises separate local area networks (LANs) and
SANs. LANs carry traditional Ethernet/IP services, and SANs carry network storage services.
To provide services for LANs and use SANs for storage simultaneously, the servers must use independent
Ethernet adapters and FC adapters. In addition, the IP switches and the FC switches are also
independent and have independent network connections. Such a network needs many switches,
network adapters, and cables, and it brings high investments and maintenance costs and low scalability.
FCoE was introduced to solve this problem. FCoE is a protocol that carries FC over Ethernet. In an FCoE
solution, the server uses an FCoE-capable Ethernet adapter, and the FCoE switch (FCoE forwarder)
integrates the functions of both the traditional IP switch and FCF switch. FCoE reduces the number of
network adapters, switches, and cables, and the network operation and maintenance workload. In all,
FCoE reduces the total cost.
Figure 5 FCoE for I/O consolidation
As shown in
interface and to the SAN through an FC interface. In the FCoE network, the server is connected to the
FCoE-capable FCF switch, and then the FCF switch is connected to the LAN through an Ethernet interface
and to the SAN through an FC interface. The link between the server and the FCF switch can transmit
both Ethernet frames and FC frames.

Basic concepts

As shown in
Ethernet, such as servers and disk devices) and between FCF switches can be used for receiving and
sending both Ethernet frames and FC frames.
5, in the traditional network, the server is connected to the LAN through an Ethernet
6, the links between the FCF switch and the ENode (nodes that can transport FC over
"Configuring FC


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