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Flush Mount Side Trim Installation; Installation - Viking VCSB5482 Installation Manual

Professional built-in bottom-freezer and side-by-side refrigerator/freezer.
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General Information
• Most of the unit's weight is at the top.
Extra care is needed when moving the
unit to prevent tipping.
• Do not remove protective film until unit is
in operating position.
• All four leveling legs must contact the
floor to support and stabilize the full
• Do not drop unit.
• Remove exterior shipping materials prior
to moving unit into home, except door
latching device.
• Use two or more people to move and
install unit. Failure to follow this
instruction can result in back or other
• To avoid personal injury, wear gloves
when performing any installation
procedure and wear eye protection when
cutting metal straps.
Moving Unit
Remove shipping brackets from skid by removing four
bolts (two on each side) with a 1/2" deep-well socket
wench and a pair of pliers.
NOTE: Tilting unit is not required to remove
shipping brackets.
Appliance is top heavy and tips easily
when not completely installed. Keep
doors closed until appliance is
completely installed and secured per
installation instructions. Use two or
more people to move and install
appliance. Failure to do so can result
in death or serious injury.
Unpacking Unit
1. Remove top and bottom strap.
2. Remove top cap.
3. Cut carton rear approximately 1/4"
(0.6 cm) to 1" (2.5 cm) from right corner
with a utility knife extended 1/4" (0.6 cm).
4. Remove carton and exterior packaging.
Save cardboard shipping material to
protect floor surface when installing unit.
Remove anti-tip board and kickplate from
rear of unit.
Slip appliance dolly between unit and skid. Remove
unit from skid.
NOTE: Use excess packaging to protect decorative
trim; also, verify that leveling legs are up (0"

Flush Mount Side Trim Installation

(sold separately)
Note: If the unit is to be installed flush with the cabinets, the flush mount side trim must be
installed first. If not, skip to "installation".
Step 1 - Locate the necessary parts: Two (2) flush mount trim pieces and a hardware kit with
twenty-two (22) screws.
Step 2 - Remove the side trim on the refrigerator and discard the trim and screws.
Step 3 - Align the top of the flush mount side trim with the top of the unit's machine
compartment. Using the screws included in the hardware kit, attach the side trim to the unit,
only using the holes visible through the side trim. Note: Do not use the screw holes in the
machine compartment.


Place unit in front of cutout.
Using an 8" magnetic nut driver, remove
the two 1/4" screws.
Pull the center grille louver up
at an angle and pull out.
Remove grille assembly.


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