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Operating Notes - GE SHOWBIZ Brochure

General electric stage, studio, disco and photo graphic lighting brochure
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Important Notice
This catalogue contains accumulated data to February 2003. Additional information is constantly being
uncovered through research and testing, which may modify the data given herein. This is particularly
true of newer lamps. For the latest lamp design data and information, contact your General Electric
Lamp Representative.
The data and suggested applications contained in this catalogue, as well as any additional information our
representative may be able to furnish, are for general information only and are not intended and should not
be taken as representations or warranties as to the suitability of a lamp for any particular attention or use in
any particular equipment, nor are our representatives authorised to make any such representations or give
any such warranties. Applications and conditions of use are many and varied, and beyond our control. We
cannot possibly have the same degree of knowledge that the purchaser has with respect to the design of
their equipment and the conditions of its use. Therefore, it is up to the purchaser to make their own
determination as to the suitability of a lamp for his intended application or use and to assume the
responsibility for that determination.
General Electric desires to supply the best possible products at all times. For this reason, General Electric
reserves the right to make changes in its products when it believes such changes will improve its products.

Operating Notes

Caution notices are included with all lamps. Users are urged to read and comply with these.
Operating precautions
All lamps in this catalogue must be operated with a series fuse in the circuit, as directed in the
Technical Digest.
Lamps of quartz construction use a gas filling at a pressure higher than atmospheric and as the lamp
can in rare instances shatter in use, suitable shielding techniques should be employed where
appropriate. Also protect the lamp from mishandling, scratches and abrasions, and do not operate at
above correct rated voltage.
Operating position
For good performance lamps must be used within specified limitations on operating position. The
following abbreviations are used in the lamp tables to indicate these limits:
BD - Base Down. Operate only vertical, base down.
BU - Base Up. Operate only vertical, base up.
BDTH - Base Down To Horizontal. Do not operate with base above horizontal.
Horiz. - Horizontal. Operate only in horizontal position.

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